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Resources & Blog

As we invest in Chicago’s youth, we recognize the need for urban ministry resources not only in our city, but across the country, and around the world. Here you can find training, articles, tools, and other resources to be equipped to build Life-on-Life relationships and invest in youth in your community.

Video Resources

Receive training on building Life-on-Life relationships from some of the top urban leaders by engaging the videos below.

Gospel Fluency

When building Life-on-Life relationships with teens, we must be living gospel-centered lives in order to point them toward Christ. Watch the training as our GRIP The School Program Director, Shawn Procter talks about gospel fluency based on D.A. Horton’s book G.O.S.P.E.L.

Cross-Cultural Relationships

The ability to engage in cross-cultural relationships is crucial to urban ministry. Watch the video above as Kareem Manuel talks about what a cross-cultural relationship is, and some methods for building more of them in your life.